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Why Hire Us


Why Hire Us?

Medallion Landscape provides a turnkey solution to your landscaping needs, with a team of seasoned professionals that enhance your property by providing most than just outstanding services. Medallion Landscape specializes in Landscape Management, Maintenance, Water Management, Arbor Care, Colorscape, Sustainable Plantings, Landscape Installation & Design, and Pest & Disease Control. Medallion Landscape does it all!

Medallion Landscape offers all of these solutions while working within the parameters of your landscape budget, maximizing your landscape dollar, and providing excellent customer service. When you choose Medallion Landscape you can be assured you have chosen a company that will enhance and beautify your property.  This will further your property's marketability and appeal, while reducing costs and environmental impact.

What People Are Saying About Us:

"We have worked with Medallion for several decades. They perform weekly maintenance on 16 of our neighborhoods, installation on many of our new developments, and capital improvements on existing neighborhoods.

What we love about Medallion is that it is a family run company. We’re not just a number to them. The attention to detail far exceeds their competition and we feel as if Medallion really takes pride in owning their work. The idea that I can communicate with the owner of the company really resonates with me because it is rare that you can contact the top level of a firm and get immediate response.

We entrust Medallion with almost all of our renovation work when we acquire properties. The reason for this is consistency. Rarely do mistakes happen and if they do, they are owned and taken care of with a professional ease that is foreign to most landscape contractors. One phone call is made and the issue gets resolved. There is no need for follow up in most cases. This speaks to how comfortable we are with the management of our urban landscape."

Kevin Chisholm, Landscape Program Manager

Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc.