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Environmentally Conscious Strategies

Medallion Landscape puts the green footprint to work with regards to sustainability. Below is a list of examples of our eco-friendly practices we currently perform.

  • Recycled mulch made from 100% recycled lumber.  Mulching conserves water and reduces weed growth, which decreases the need for manual or chemical control.
  • Mulching mowers – grass clipping are left in place where possible rather than disposed of in a landfill.  This also reduces the need for added fertilizer application.
  • Green waste is 100% recycled through composting. Composted yard waste is used as a soil amendment.
  • Conversion of existing controllers to EvapoTranspiration controllers
  • Irrigation is scheduled to reduce run off and waste.
  • Separate metering of landscape water and domestic water where appropriate
  • Wood header boards are replaced with plastic header boards, which are made from recycled plastic bottles and wood fibers.
  • Intergraded Pest Management (IPM):  the judicious use of pesticides and chemicals to control pests and diseases to reduce environmental, social, and economic costs.
  • Planting and maintenance of trees:  attract wildlife, add privacy to living areas, clean the air of pollutants, reduce runoff and erosion, reduce carbon, reduce cooling costs by providing shade, and increase property values by approximately 7%.
  • Xeriscape:  the practice of mowing, weeding, pruning and fertilizing properly.  Planting for water conservation; planting turf of manageable size and shape using appropriate grasses; use of mulch and soil amendments; efficient irrigation.
  • Create turf free areas around trees, to reduce the need to over water lawns, and to compensate for the competitive growth area around trees.
  • Install separate water meters for landscape use – this would allow for a precise record of water use in the landscape and may reduce water costs in some areas.
  • Install permeable pavement so that water is allowed to percolate into the grade instead of being carried off into the storm drains system.
  • Replacement of inefficient irrigation components with newer more water efficient components such as clocks, matched precipitation sprinkler nozzles, rain-off switches, etc.
  • Replacement of annual color with perennials and other decorative plants that do not require frequent replacement, which reduces maintenance costs.

What People Are Saying About Us:

"I have worked with Medallion since 2015 on numerous Sobrato commercial sites. He also knows Medallion’s work from a previous position he held. Medallion’s projects include landscape maintenance, irrigation repairs and upgrades, tree pruning and drought resistant planting.

In 2016 Medallion upgraded our irrigation to drought resistant heads at Central Technology Park and the Palo Alto Networks Great America campus in Santa Clara. In addition to rebates received, the savings in water use, maintenance needs and lower replanting needs will result in payback of these investments within 5 years, and a possible 20-30% water savings as well.

Medallion maintains solid communication with us when there are any issues to discuss and even just to check in and make sure all is well. They are an exemplary service provider and understand the importance of consistency and exceeding expectations, and how that makes life easier for the busy property managers they work with."

Mark Smith, Vice President, Commercial Asset Management

The Sobrato Organization