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"We have worked with Medallion for several decades. They perform weekly maintenance on 16 of our neighborhoods, installation on many of our new developments, and capital improvements on existing neighborhoods.

What we love about Medallion is that it is a family run company. We’re not just a number to them. The attention to detail far exceeds their competition and we feel as if Medallion really takes pride in owning their work. The idea that I can communicate with the owner of the company really resonates with me because it is rare that you can contact the top level of a firm and get immediate response.

We entrust Medallion with almost all of our renovation work when we acquire properties. The reason for this is consistency. Rarely do mistakes happen and if they do, they are owned and taken care of with a professional ease that is foreign to most landscape contractors. One phone call is made and the issue gets resolved. There is no need for follow up in most cases. This speaks to how comfortable we are with the management of our urban landscape."

Kevin Chisholm, Landscape Program Manager

Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc.


"I have worked with Medallion since 2015 on numerous Sobrato commercial sites. He also knows Medallion’s work from a previous position he held. Medallion’s projects include landscape maintenance, irrigation repairs and upgrades, tree pruning and drought resistant planting.

In 2016 Medallion upgraded our irrigation to drought resistant heads at Central Technology Park and the Palo Alto Networks Great America campus in Santa Clara. In addition to rebates received, the savings in water use, maintenance needs and lower replanting needs will result in payback of these investments within 5 years, and a possible 20-30% water savings as well.

Medallion maintains solid communication with us when there are any issues to discuss and even just to check in and make sure all is well. They are an exemplary service provider and understand the importance of consistency and exceeding expectations, and how that makes life easier for the busy property managers they work with."

Mark Smith, Vice President, Commercial Asset Management

The Sobrato Organization


"I have known John Gates and worked with Medallion Landscape Management for over 10 years, doing mostly commercial landscape management and tree care. They have also taken care of their lawn conversions, water management and drought tolerant planting.

Medallion gives great service and excellent pricing and they have a can do attitude. I like the fact that I can call the office, and whoever answers the phone will be upbeat, immediately ask for details and then get right on it – and I know it’s going to get handled to my satisfaction with the highest of integrity.

I value their service for several reasons — they know my standards from property to property, so I don’t have to worry or micromanage them; size does not matter — big or small they provide the same quality of work; and I’m assured of getting the highest quality for the best value, and service that’s consistent across the board.

They resolve issues right away, are very hands on, and are always there for us!

One of Our Projects with Medallion: At the end of 2105 and beginning of 2016, Medallion Landscape completed a turf conversion for us, which was one of our largest projects with them to date. We were very happy with their work. They also secured us rebates from the local/state water districts, which saved our client a considerable amount of money."

Mitsie Smith, Owner

Smith Commercial Management, Inc.


"As a Property Manager for an 18-acre campus, it is imperative that I have a proactive landscaping partner. I selected Medallion Landscape Management for this position over 3 other highly recommended organizations, a decision that has been very beneficial to the company.

Over the past two years Medallion has worked side-by-side with me through extensive construction on our campus. They have alerted me to irrigation issues, provided new plants, and patiently coaxed our lawn back to life when the contractors forgot to turn the water back on over a couple of hot weekends. They have also supported me with last minute planting, trimming and overall spruce up when we’ve had short notice of an upcoming campus tour."

Jennifer Todd, Property Manager

Vantage Data Centers


"Working with Medallion Landscape is truly a pleasure — I actually call it a “business partnership”. They offer assistance above and beyond the standard landscape service; they have created landscape improvement plans that exceeded expectations, they handled all steps from planning, executing and regular follow up to ensure satisfaction. They also handle city requirements as part of their service.

They are very knowledgeable regarding the proper plant selections, the type of soil, locations sun or shade, irrigation limitations, and sustainability for long term flowering foliage.

They are willing to invest the time to meet and plan, even if the plan maybe spread out over a lengthy time period. They are quick to respond when necessary and support the sense of community through their actions.

I really appreciate the professionalism they have for their business partners."


Asset Manager


"As the chairman of the Landscape Committee at my HOA, I have worked with Medallion for the past 3 years. I have found all of their employers to be courteous, considerate, responsible, and innovative. They have taken good care of our property, and have come up with excellent suggestions, plus well thought out plants to improve our landscaping. I would highly recommend them, as they are extremely reasonable and reliable."


HOA Landscape Committee Chair


"I am very pleased with Medallion and happy with their work. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to renovate their landscape.

Their people there are very responsive and professional. I worked with the designer, Christine Jones, and she is just GREAT! She takes pride in her work and listens to her client's needs. The entire project went smoothly, on time and on budget."

Christine Wei, Homeowner & Landscape Committee

Elan Townhomes HOA, Mountain View


"I thoroughly enjoy having Medallion as my landscape company for my two commercial properties. I find the team I work with (Fonsie and Elizabeth) to be exceptional in the customer service they provide, which is fast, knowledgeable, reliable and always courteous service. Medallion also provides competitive rates and are always willing to work within my budget, which is very important."


Commercial Property Manager

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What our Customers are saying:

"I am very pleased with Medallion and happy with their work. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to renovate their landscape.

The people there are very responsive and professional. I worked with the designer, Christine Jones, and she is just GREAT! She takes pride in her work and listens to her clients needs. The entire project went smoothly, on time and on budget"

Christine Wei
Home Owner/Landscape Committee Elan Townhomes HOA -
Mountain View