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Next time you are out walking on your property, take a look around…really look and ask yourself if the property is living up to its potential. Has your current landscape provider taken a pro-active stance in regards to your property? Do you receive bids for annual color changes? Have they recommended mulch to give your site a facelift? Are you receiving bids for fill in material to replace old plants and tired looking areas? And perhaps most importantly…is my property maximizing its curb appeal potential?

These are all important questions that our team, here at Medallion, are ready and willing to tackle for you. Our goal is to not only identify potential problems, but also bring you the solutions. We understand that there are constant demands for your attention all through the day and we are committed to making sure that the appearance and maintenance of your landscape is not one of them.

What People Are Saying About Us:

"We have worked with Medallion for several decades. They perform weekly maintenance on 16 of our neighborhoods, installation on many of our new developments, and capital improvements on existing neighborhoods.

What we love about Medallion is that it is a family run company. We’re not just a number to them. The attention to detail far exceeds their competition and we feel as if Medallion really takes pride in owning their work. The idea that I can communicate with the owner of the company really resonates with me because it is rare that you can contact the top level of a firm and get immediate response.

We entrust Medallion with almost all of our renovation work when we acquire properties. The reason for this is consistency. Rarely do mistakes happen and if they do, they are owned and taken care of with a professional ease that is foreign to most landscape contractors. One phone call is made and the issue gets resolved. There is no need for follow up in most cases. This speaks to how comfortable we are with the management of our urban landscape."

Kevin Chisholm, Landscape Program Manager

Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc.