The Best Ways to Enhance Your Entrance Landscape

The main entrance to your business says a lot about your company. A landscape that is cared for, beautiful, and tasteful makes a good impression on just about everyone. This, of course, is easier said than done, but a professional landscape management company will know the best methods for making a welcoming statement.

Proven Techniques for a Better Entrance

A beautiful entry space can be designed with the smart arrangement of plants, building materials, color, and furniture. Here are five ways to get the most out of your main entrance:

Landscape lighting.  This not only creates a dramatic effect with soft lights interspersed throughout the lawn, but it also adds a safety element for visitors.

Bold color schemes. The entryway is no place to play it safe and conservative. The use of colorful flowers and vibrant foliage, as well as uncommon and flamboyant plants, are great ways to attract attention.

Tasteful furniture. Unusual benches of wood, stone, or composite always make a nice impression, plus they can be great places to rest while accenting the overall impact of the landscaping.

Creative pathways. Everyone from young children to seniors love a pathway of stone to wander around the gardens. This is even more enjoyable if the paving materials are in a creative pattern or incorporate the use of color schemes.

Moving water. Fountains, waterfalls, birdbaths, and other uses of water add tranquility to the entryway. They can be opulent and grand if that is your style, but a small presence of moving water works wonders too.

Solid Results

For the best results in landscaping, put your trust in a company that knows what looks best. Medallion Landscape can turn your business into an enchanted space. Contact us by calling 408-706-2447 or sending an email today!

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