How to Improve Safety with Your Landscape Design

Your landscape says a lot about you and your property. If it is well designed and maintained, it shows that you care and are responsible. Landscape design isn’t just about beautifying the property. Did you know a well-designed landscape can also improve safety? Find out how below!

Creating Proper Drainage

Mud, puddles, and streams that appear out of nowhere can pose a danger to the people who spend time on your property. Water that collects quickly due to a big storm can also create a problem for your building, as it can pool up and leak in. A properly designed landscape will take all of that into consideration. There will be proper storm drains and other run-off options that eliminate or reduce the risk.

Directing Safe Traffic

When your landscape design includes clearly designated pathways, visitors know where they are and are not allowed to walk. The pathways can direct traffic to and from the doors, as well as to crosswalks within your parking lot. Keep in mind, your pathways should be free of debris and overhanging plants in order for them to be truly safe. If you need help with maintaining the area, hire a professional landscaper.

Turning on the Lights

A landscape with plenty of lighting not only helps individuals see their surroundings when the sun goes down, it also deters criminal activity. A well-lit area will help visitors to your property feel safe and secure, no matter the time of day.

Reducing Fire Hazards

Some landscape designs include open green space that allows for emergency vehicles to get through in the case of a fire. With additional water sources, such as a pond or river, there is less risk of fire, or at least a break should an area catch on fire.

Contacting the Professionals

To learn more about landscape design, contact someone with experience. Contact Medallion Landscape by calling 408-706-2447 or emailing us today!

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