Improve your Commercial Landscaping With These Tips

Your commercial landscaping is one of the first features your customers notice. Improve your first impressions and draw in new customers with these commercial landscaping tips.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Consider your products, services and target customers when you craft your commercial landscaping. If your products and services target an elegant, modern audience, be sure your landscaping matches that style. Set the tone for your guests with the type of flowers, plants, and other decor you use outside your commercial building.

Consider Maintenance Factors

Some plants may look beautiful, but require a significant amount of water, fertilizer, and pruning. Consider your local climate and how much time you’re willing to invest in routine landscape maintenance. Ideally, you should have elegant landscaping with minimal daily maintenance.

Make It Memorable

While you need to consider your audience, be sure to make bold choices for an unforgettable design. Your landscaping should fit in with surrounding landscaping, but it should also draw attention and create a memorable feeling in your customers. Consider ways to make your customers feel comfortable, valued, and calm.

Create a Unified Landscape

While a few flowerbeds or trees near your doors may be the most iconic elements of your landscaping, don’t forget to look at the big picture. Create a unified landscape design by focusing on all the elements of your outdoor landscaping, from fencing and outdoor lighting to water elements, lawn, and peripheral trees and other elements.

Hire a Local, Professional Team

Combining the first four tips into one design is a tall order. Work with a professional team to pull it off in less time and with professional flair. Contact Medallion Landscape today to discuss your commercial landscaping needs and receive full-service landscape design, installation, and maintenance for your commercial location. Get ready for low-maintenance landscaping that attracts your ideal customers with bold, personalized designs for your company. Call 408-706-2447 or email us today to learn more!

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