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Define Your Business With Premier Commercial Landscaping

Step up your game with quality commercial landscaping. Whether you’re operating a storefront or an office building, landscaping can create a welcoming atmosphere and encourage customers to linger, employees to focus, and everyone to remember your brand. Learn more about the benefits of commercial landscaping for your outdoor space by working with Medallion Landscape.

Professional Landscape Designs

Professional landscape designers can tailor your outdoor area to suit your needs. Create an inviting entrance to draw in window shoppers or an outdoor office space to improve employee wellbeing and productivity. Elegant designs work with your branding, your mission, and your current setup to create designs that help you get more out of your outdoor space.

Quality Construction Services

After you receive a professional design, you need a reliable construction team. Work with specialists who are experienced with commercial outdoor landscape management. Commercial spaces require a certain range of skills and equipment. A quality team can make any job look easy and offer installation that doesn’t get in the way of your daily business. From simple flower pots to tree care, water feature installation, and more, find out what you can do to improve your curb appeal and outdoor work area. Enjoy long-lasting construction that handles even the tiniest details for a professional finish.

Water Feature Installation

There’s nothing like the sound of running water to invite peace and relaxation. Install a waterfall, pond, or trickling stream in your outdoor space to create a sense of peace and quiet in your restaurant or office. These unique features make even the busiest city environment seem more calm, natural, and welcoming.

Work With A Professional Team Today

At Medallion Landscape, we offer turn-key services to improve your outdoor area in Northern California. Contact us today by calling 408-706-2447 or emailing us to discuss your needs and receive a landscaping consultation to improve your curb appeal or offer your employees and unforgettable outdoor space.

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