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4 Ways Landscaping Provides a Financial Benefit

Landscaping your property is a great way to improve its aesthetic appeal. A beautiful landscape is pleasant to spend time around, and it just makes you feel good. Did you know there are some financial benefits of landscaping as well? Here are just a few.

1. Increasing Resale Value

If you’re planning to sell a commercial property, you can increase the resale value up to around 14% with a well-landscaped property. Some reports have shown that sales are happening more quickly when the property is landscaped, sometimes speeding up sales by six weeks.

2. Reducing Energy Costs

A well-insulated building will reduce energy costs. When you use the right foliage around your building, it acts as a natural insulator. Business owners often experience a 20% savings on energy costs when they have tall trees that block the sun, as well as a well-maintained grass or ground covering that reflects heat away from the building.

3. Increasing Rental Rates

A property owner that rents out space could experience a 7% higher rental rate if the property is landscaped. Commercial renters want the area to look nice to attract customers. Residential renters want the area to look nice so they feel safe and enjoy living there.

4. Increasing Patronization

When you speak to people around town, you might be interested to find out they’d rather frequent a store with a beautiful landscape than one with a crummy landscape. The landscape is the first impression a customer has of a business. If there are two identical businesses with two opposite landscapes, most customers will choose the business that looks better.

Getting Your Landscape Updated

Whether you need to begin a landscape design altogether or just design a maintenance plan, it’s important to get started right away to reap the financial benefits. Contact Medallion Landscape by calling 408-706-2447 or emailing us today to learn more!

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