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The Best Methods for Landscape Heat Protection

Sunshine is a great thing for your landscape, but even your plants can get too much of a good thing. Excessive heat and temperatures do a number on even the hardiest plants. Lawns, bushes, flowers, and trees feel the effects of a heatwave. Like people, plants become lethargic and quickly begin to show signs of stress. These signs include discoloration, wilt, slow growth, and even dead patches. Unlike people and animals, your plants cannot move to a nice shady spot or relax in the air conditioning. Therefore, it is up to your professional landscaping company to make adjustments when the heat becomes unbearable. Fortunately, many options exist to take the pressure off your plants.

Smart Solutions

Sometimes it is the things you don’t do that are the most helpful. During a heatwave, cutting back on mowing and fertilizing is a good strategy. There is also a tendency to overwater, but this can actually contribute to disease. The following actions are good strategies for helping plants deal with heat:

– Smart and science-based irrigation management

– Drip irrigation techniques

– A focus on water penetration and retention

– The planting of water-efficient trees and shrubs

All of these methods can help your plants stay a little cooler and hydrated. They cut down on water use while still supplying the liquid refreshment your plants need.

Innovative Strategies

Proper water management is more than just irrigation. It involves knowing what specific plants need at different times of the year. Summer should be the time for your plants and lawn to flourish, but a long hot spell requires a few adjustments. A plan to slowly replace trees and shrubs that do not perform well in the heat with those that do better in high temperatures can make a big difference. Contact Medallion Landscape for commercial property solutions for the changing California climate. Call 408-706-2447 or email us today to learn more.

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