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The Secret to Award-Winning Landscaping

Landscaping is a huge part of the overall feel of your building. When you see a beautiful, award-winning landscape, do you wonder how to achieve the same look and feel? If you’re ready for a head-turning property, consider the following.

Pick a Landscape That Highlights Your Entrance

Choose a landscape that welcomes your customers, clients, or guests. The landscape should draw eyes to your building’s entrance. Bright flowers or symmetrical trees near the front of the building can help draw guests to the front door. Stone walls and brick walkways can also help create an elegant entrance.

Consider Your Building’s Architecture

Landscaping can be a statement. It can also complement your building’s architecture as well as your purpose. If you want your building to be the central focus, you can use the landscape to highlight its features.

Choose a Landscape That Is to Scale

Be careful not to choose landscaping that is too large for your building. The trees should never dwarf your business or hide the entrance. Do not overpower the building with landscaping. Instead, try your best to complement the building.

Think About Landscape Maintenance and Accessibility

All landscaping requires maintenance. If you cannot access the plants, shrubs, and other landscaped spaces, then you’ll have even more difficulty maintaining it. The plant life around your building is what makes the first impression. If it becomes overgrown due to a lack of maintenance, you could turn potential clients, guests, or residents away.

Use Landscape to Guide Guests

How do you want guests, tenants, or visitors to behave on the property? If you want people to enjoy the atmosphere and linger, you can set up benches and seating areas. If you want people to finish their business in a timely fashion, then stay efficient and neat.

A beautiful landscape can make all the difference to the mood of a building. For landscape maintenance and design, contact Medallion Landscape by calling 408-706-2447 or emailing us today!

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