We are a full-service landscaping company.

Medallion Landscape provides a one-stop-shop of turnkey solutions for your landscaping needs with a team of seasoned professionals that enhance your property by providing more than just outstanding services. We offer all of these solutions while working within the parameters of your landscape budget, maximizing your landscape dollar, and providing excellent customer service. When you choose Medallion Landscape you can be assured you have chosen a company that will enhance and beautify your property. This will further your property's marketability and appeal, while reducing costs and environmental impact.


Why Choose Us

When you choose Medallion Landscape you can be assured you have chosen a company that will enhance and beautify your property.

For over 25 years, Medallion Landscape has been serving the Bay Area. Medallion Landscape Management, Inc. was founded with the belief that clients not only deserve high quality landscape services but also top-notch customer service. This belief has led us to be the Bay Area’s leading commercial landscape contractor since 1995. Medallion is a full-service landscape contractor; managing maintenance, enhancements, pest control, and installation for multi-family residential and commercial properties. Going above and beyond for our customers has been the Medallion Standard for over 25 years.

Medallion Landscape puts the green footprint to work with regards to sustainability. Below is a list of examples of the eco-friendly practices we currently perform.

  • Recycled mulch made from 100% recycled lumber.  
  • Mulching mowers
  • Green waste is 100% recycled through composting
  • Conversion of existing controllers to EvapoTranspiration controllers
  • Irrigation is scheduled to reduce runoff and waste.
  • Separate metering of landscape water and domestic water where appropriate
  • Wood header boards are replaced with plastic header boards, which are made from recycled plastic bottles and wood fibers.
  • Intergraded Pest Management (IPM)
  • Planting and maintenance of trees:  attract wildlife, add privacy to living areas, clean the air of pollutants, reduce runoff and erosion, reduce carbon, reduce cooling costs by providing shade, and increase property values by approximately 7%.
  • Xeriscape:  the practice of mowing, weeding, pruning, and fertilizing properly.  Planting for water conservation; planting turf of manageable size and shape using appropriate grasses; use of mulch and soil amendments; efficient irrigation.
  • Create turf free areas around trees, to reduce the need to overwater lawns, and to compensate for the competitive growth area around trees.
  • Install separate water meters for landscape use
  • Install permeable pavement so that water is allowed to percolate into the grade instead of being carried off into the storm drains system.
  • Replacement of inefficient irrigation components with newer more water
  • Replacement of annual color with perennials and other decorative plants that do not require frequent replacement, which reduces maintenance costs.

2019 Awards

Previous Awards Include:

Olive West Apartments
CLCA 2012 San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Achievement - Apartment Installation

The Markham
CLCA 2011 (state), First Place
Apartment Installation

Bel Aire Plaza
CLCA 2011 (state), First Place
Medium Commercial Maintenance

Mariani Square
CLCA 2011 San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Achievement- Small Multi Residential Maintenance

550 Moreland Apartments
CLCA 2011 San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, First Place
Small Multi Residential Maintenance

Our Leadership

When you choose Medallion Landscape you can be assured you have chosen a company that will enhance and beautify your property.


John Gates

CEO & Founder

John Gates, CEO and founder of Medallion Landscape Management, Inc. brings more than forty years of experience to the commercial landscape industry. Under John’s tutelage, Medallion continues to be the recipient of multiple industry awards for landscape design, renovation and maintenance. The company has grown from just four employees in 1995 to its current count of over two hundred employees. A 1980 graduate of San Jose State University, John Gates holds a BA in Communication and Business Administration.


Ildefonso Bettencourt

EVP Field Operations

Fonsie is a seasoned landscape professional who joined forces with Medallion Landscape in 2001. He has over 30 years of experience in the landscape industry in the Bay Area, including running his own landscape and tree service for 15 of those years. Fonsie currently oversees all departments for Medallion; he's the EVP Field Operations. And continues to conduct proposals and client relations.


Simon Nicholls

Chief Financial Officer

Simon is an experienced executive director, with a 25 year career in Finance and Operations in large international businesses including 10 years as CFO of two UK public companies with significant operations in the US. He is a strategic and commercially minded UK Chartered Accountant (CPA equivalent). 

Simon has a global track record in both rapid growth and distressed situations. As CFO of Medallion Landscape and CityLeaf Interior Plants, divisions of Integrity Inc, as well as being responsible for the financial affairs of the company, he now supports strategy development and operational and financial performance improvement initiatives to create a sustainably higher valued company over the long-term.  

His passion is real Value Creation based on the principles of Value Based Management. He uses a Five Pillars of Value Creation model focusing on optimization of the underlying value drivers in a business (Growth, Profitability, Cash Flow, Return on Assets, and Governance) to drive revenue growth, increase profit, free up cash, improve cash conversion, and optimize return on capital.


Leyla Kulyyeva

Sales Operations Improvement Manager

Leyla has been working with Medallion since 2019. She started shortly after graduating from Middlebury Institute of International Studies, where she earned her MBA in Global Impact Management. As a Sales Operations Improvement Manager, she was part of the Aspire landscape business management software implementation and performs data analysis that contributes to informed decision making and the company’s growth. 


Jose Quinonez

HR and Recruiting Manager

Jose Quinonez is the HR and Recruiting Manager for Medallion Landscape. He acquired his AS degree in criminal justice from San Joaquin Delta College. Jose holds over 8 years of experience working with commercial buildings. Jose’s past positions included project managerial roles and quality control services. His areas of expertise include recruitment and employee recognition and he advises Medallion managers on organizational policy matters such as equal employment opportunities and recommends any needed changes. Jose also serves as a link between management and employees by handling questions, interpreting issues and helping resolve any work-related problems. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors, including going camping and exploring new places to hike. 


Ilene Guy

Director of Marketing

Ilene Guy is the Director of Marketing for Medallion Landscape. Ilene brings more than 30 years of design and marketing experience to Medallion. She founded, E and I Design, a successful design firm in Silicon Valley working with the top movers and shakers, including, Apple, Google, Kodak, Adobe and many more. She is responsible for carrying out the creative vision and voice for Medallion and CityLeaf. She specializes in the development of branding, corporate communications and marketing materials that span print and digital mediums.

Ilene received her Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from San Jose State University. She love’s learning new things and meeting new people. In her free time, she enjoys reading, walking her crazy dog, spending time with family and running around the soccer field.

Who We Service

We treat every project as our very own showpiece because this is one of your main attractions.


At Medallion, we tailor our services to provide a worry-free landscape program that delivers an attractive and beautiful landscape to be proud of, all while showcasing your company's image. We partner with your facilities management team and work together to keep your property looking great. Our weekly onsite inspection reports keep your team abreast of what’s going on at your property. Communication is important and our systems make things easy and simple for your organization.

Medallion’s full-service approach encompasses weekly maintenance, irrigation and water management, and landscape design services. Our staff of Horticulturalists and Certified Arborists also will assist you in the care of any large trees you may have when needed.


We treat every community as our very own showpiece because this is one of your main attractions. We offer a comprehensive landscape management solution that not only encompasses your regular maintenance services, but also incorporates natural pruning, irrigation management, pest control, and design and installation.

We understand that there are constant demands for your attention throughout the day and we are committed to making sure that the appearance and maintenance of your landscape are not one of them.  Our goal is to not only identify potential problems but to also bring you the cost-effective solutions.  We will keep you informed via communication from your dedicated account team, provide monthly written reports, and attend board meetings, when necessary.


Next time you are out walking on your property, take a look around…really look and ask yourself if the property is living up to its potential. Has your current landscape provider taken a pro-active stance in regards to your property? Are you receiving bids for fill-in material to replace old plants and tired looking areas? And perhaps most importantly…is my property maximizing its curb appeal potential?

These are all important questions that our team, here at Medallion, are ready and willing to tackle for you. Our goal is to not only identify potential problems but also bring you the solutions. We understand that there are constant demands for your attention all through the day and we are committed to making sure that the appearance and maintenance of your landscape are not one of them.

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