Water Conservation/ Management


Medallion Landscape is an expert in water conservation and management and we work closely with the California Landscaper Contractors Association to provide sustainable landscape practices. Take advantage of the available rebates from your local water providers. These rebates will help cover the cost to upgrade your existing irrigation to a more high-efficient water saving system. The irrigation upgrades will help lower your water bills moving forward, while keeping your landscape looking great. Medallion Landscape will work with you to obtain the best possible rebates available for your site and help with every step in the process. From the initial review of the site and application, to the installation and final invoicing for rebates.

With Medallion’s Water Conservation Program we ensure plant health and aesthetics of your landscape, we increase water savings and reduce water bills, we reduce asphalt and hardscape damage, we comply with assembly bill 1881 to name just a few.

Reduce Water Usage

Irrigation Management

Plant Health Guaranteed 

Best Rebates on Upgrades

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